I wanted you to know that six of my students and myself are speaking at the North Rockland Board of Education meeting on Tuesday about the Sea Perch ROV. In addition, I was asked to speak at a Tech Expo at the Briarcliff Manor on April 17th in Westchester, NY about the ROV.

My students have truly had a remarkable experience with the ROVs this year. I can't thank everyone enough at SeaPerch for this incredible STEM experience with the ROVs in my classroom. Although my students are third graders, they have explored so much this year! We held a school-wide Science Fair in March and students as you as five loved having the opportunity to work the ROV!

- Teacher

I could not be more proud of our kids and cannot thank you enough for the funding to make it all possible! As a result of the program in Cape Coral, Florida, we were selected for the NBC2 "Schools that Rule" segment which featured our ROV program with a live remote and most recently, I received a letter from Florida Governor, Rick Scott!!

- STEM & Gifted Engineering & Technology Teacher

I wanted to send a note your way with a heartfelt "thank you" on behalf of the ExplorOcean team and Costa Mesa Middle School. I cannot concisely describe how much your support will mean for these students. We could not be more thrilled with this opportunity to widen the pipeline of access to 21st century skills for students who are traditionally underserved.


I am thrilled beyond words! These kits are going to enable us to reach so many teachers and students from across northeastern Oklahoma! I am blown away by your incredibly generous support of this terrific STEM project! Thank you very very much for your help.

-Program Coordinator

I wanted to thank all the parties involved in bringing the SeaPerch Robotics Program to Wilbur McMahon School. Today, I got to see first-hand what a group of 10 Wilbur McMahon students have been working on after school for the past nine weeks. I attended the third annual SeaPerch Derby at New Bedford High School where 25 teams (middle and high school age) competed against one another using the ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) that they had built.

It was amazing to see the students navigating their ROVs around the New Bedford High School pool as they competed in three events - timed course, obstacle course and ring-retrieval course. It was a great example of how a hands-on educational activity can really ignite a passion for learning for students.


A million thanks to you for the opportunity of a lifetime for my middle school students in SW Florida. We held our very first event today in 80 degree temps and despite a few propeller and motor issues it was an amazing event!!


We have finished building our SeaPerches. What an amazing experience. The kids loved every minute of it. We had terrific support from our local community as well as San Diego Science Alliance.


Please convey my sincere thanks for approval of the SeaPerch Grant sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). We deeply appreciate this grant for underwater robotic kits and equipment. Our students are excited about being involved in this activity and will be competing on a state and national level this year. 

- Technology Education Teacher

We had the pleasure of building Seaperchs with my Physics classes this year. This project proved to be the most enjoyable assignment these students had all year. I have many juniors who are begging to get into my senior physics classes in order to build Seaperches AND participate in the shipbuilding activities. I have reported to the school administrators lesson plans that meet all the required goals.

- Physics Teacher

First, thank you again for the gift of learning you provided for my students. They are still talking about the experience, and last week connected the concept of fish swim bladders to the bouyancy concepts we learned.How wonderful to see a student typically not interested in academics, and so excited by this project that he asks first thing in the day, "Do we have Science today?"

On behalf of my students, thank you for giving us the privilege of participation at the elementary level.

- Grade 5/6 teacher

"I know in our field we seldom get compliments regarding the work we put into improving our offerings. But I just wanted to take this moment and say that you and your team have done a wonderful job in redesigning the SeaPerch packaging as well as the controller. I had a chance to look at the latest kits and I have to say AMAZING! WONDERFUL! The packaging is superb! And the new controller with the integrated circuit board! WONDERFUL! I can't tell you how amazing it looks and how much easier it makes the life of the instructors!"

- STEM Technology Manager

"Thank you for an amazing Showcase Day! Our kids had a fabulous time, and each station was beautifully organized and friendly, even with so many kids there. I was again amazed at how smoothly and hospitably the day went for all. You and the Academy ROCK! (as the kids would say)."

- SeaPerch Participant

"My kids had a blast, a total blast. One of my really bright, sweet, quiet girls just kept thanking me over and over and over, for the the whole experience and for the Showcase. This is one girl who, with her partner, had multiple setbacks, from wiring the motor backwards, to having the internals wires disconnect from the soldered terminal, after potting (yuck!) to having the propeller fly off when they first submerged.... But even with all this, and with tears in her eyes, she and her partner would persevere and fix, and on Friday go back to triage for the propeller. They learned so much about engineering... its challenges and its victories, from the ups and downs."

- SeaPerch Participant

"Some of my kids are really bright, and they are never challenged with real projects and hurdles such as the SeaPerch offered. I am just thrilled and so so grateful. And the presentation about the Titanic was amazing, and really showed all of us how this Seaperch is really real!"

- SeaPerch Participant

"Thank you for a great program, terrific training, materials, and inspirational activities and organization."

- SeaPerch Participant

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