Issues with Circuitry and Electric

Issues with Circuitry and Electric
Posted by Brady Loomer at 2016-01-05 14:58:21

New to SeaPerch so my students and I are stumbling through the process. Two questions, both causing two seperate builds to come to a stand still.

1. One group completed the soldering of the circuit board and everything tested out electrically (resistance test, etc). It was then onto the test phase and when they connected the battery the entire speaker cable fried. Insulation started melting, wire turned black. Luckily I jumped in and pulled the leads off and the circuit board seems to be saved but a lot of burned plastic and smoke (luckily no fire alarm) and a ruined cord for power. I had our robotics teacher take a look and all he can think of is that the insulation got nicked in the spliting process. Any ideas? And these were all SeaPerch kit parts, no going off manual here.

2. Another group seems to have done an excellent job soldering (visually and the solderer was an experienced student) however there is multiple shorts. Can only get a resistance reading for one switch and have resoldering many of the connections. Did the copper get fried in the board and that's why there's a short? We can't figure it out and it's been two class periods of troubleshooting.

Thanks so much for your help.

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