Fuse resource?

Fuse resource?
Posted by jesse Swift at 2013-04-30 15:54:15
I have had several students blow a fuse when their propellers get caught up in some netting material.  Has any one found a online store to purchase just fuses?  I like to but 5 or so and our local Radio Shack was no help.  Thanks!

Mr. Swift
Bell Middle School
Golden CO
Re: Fuse resource?
Posted by Perry Weinthal at 2013-05-24 23:25:13
The parts list has a 6.3 amp fuse.  http://www.seaperch.org/Parts_List

Fuse - 0.2" Radial Lead, 6.3A TE5 1 Digi-key WK4366BK-ND
digikey hase them @ 92¢ each

any of the electronic vendors will have them.
jameco, mouser, newark, etc. ...

search: 6.3amp 8.5mm x 8mm Fuse

newark has them for 35¢ each.

The one posted earlier has TWO issues \
   1. it is 3 amps - much lower than the spec - it will fail under use.
   2. it has a $20 shipping fee -- that is not good.


spec sheet here:

no load @ 0.2 amps
max torque @ 0.74amps
stall @ 2.7amps
This means if two motors get jammed they will blow the fuse.
Please buy the correct value fuse @ 6.3amps

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