Soldering, what not to do.

Soldering, what not to do.
Posted by Perry Weinthal at 2015-03-26 00:14:41

bad solderingLooking at the blurry photo we see the the issues.

1. (Red) Solder blobs shorting the power connections, blown the fuse ahead.

     Top right is okay, because that is the mounting support. Anywhere else would be bad.
1a. (Pink) That looks like a piece of wire is connecting, more like un-melted solder.
2. (Green) Unfinished sold joints, those blobs didn't make it to the correct location.
3. (Yellow) The Fuse holes were filled in, thankfully before you installed the fuse.

How to fix this?  At this point take it to someone who knows how to solder.

This is an easy fix, you just need to have someone with skills do it.
Youtube has videos on how to solder.

If you try to fix this you run the risk of having the copper delaminate from the board.


I will post a decent solding job tomorrow.

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