Revised control box Q's

Revised control box Q's
Posted by Gary Davis at 2017-05-18 11:57:11

After having corrosion on a number of contact points in our control box, I'd like for my group to explore waterproofing / better sealing the control box for next year.  However, there aren't any open class competitions in our area.  If we keep the stock control board, and just sub in waterproof switches, maybe some silicon sealant around the holes, etc. - would we still qualify for 'stock class'?  Or should we just focus on storing the controller in a sealed box of silicone drying agent when we aren't using it?

We spent ~45 minutes last night (yes, just a few days before Nationals) de-soldering and re-soldering a horizontal thruster switch, because it was shorting out, after working fine for weeks.


G Davis

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