Posted by Michael Sminchak at 2014-05-01 12:01:27

   Our Sea Cadet unit is currently in the build process and i have a question. We are following the directions as writen but i had access to 1000 feet of CAT 5e SOLID cable for no cost. Your directions call for stranded wire. Where can i find the rules as to what can be used in place of kit supplied items if we can get them at no or low cost?

Re: Modifications
Posted by Perry Weinthal at 2014-05-02 23:47:39

You really, really want to use STRANDED cat5e "patch" cable, that is the stuff used to hook up from the wall to your computer.

It will not kink as much and will allow  your ROV to manover significantly better.

Radio Shack / Sears / Best Buy/ HD -- PATCH is the name you want.  Only buy it if it is felxible.  Get 50 of feet cable.



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