SeaPerch Engineering Process

Developing and using an Engineering Notebook provides students with a good learning experience, and allows them to demonstrate their understanding of engineering principles and design concepts. For the pursposes of SeaPerch, the engineering notebook is not intended to document the construction of a standard or stock SeaPerch ROV.

Engineering Notebook Bots2019 SeaPerch Challenge - Engineering Process Component

Please note that the following information is specific to the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge and may differ from information and rules being used at SeaPerch Regional Challenges. 

Teams competing in the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge will submit one of the following: (1) an engineering notebook or (2) an engineering process video. Teams can self-select which mode they would like to develop and submit. However, it is strongly suggested that all teams maintain an engineering notebook for their own purposes during the engineering design process. 

Teams will be invited to submit their notebooks or videos online during the registration process prior to the SeaPerch Challenge.  These submissions will be judged by a panel of judges and the top teams from each division (middle school, high school, and open class) will be invited to give a short oral presentation to a panel of judges at the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge.   

Notebook Guidelines: Details for the structure and content of engineering notebook submissions are included in the 2019 Engineering Notebook Guide below. All notebooks should be:

Video Guidelines: Content included in the Engineering Process should be similar to information requested for the Engineering notebook (described in the Engineering Notebook Guide below). All videos should be:

For both notebook and video submissions, please review the Engineering Process Submission Rubric below for additional information on scoring for content and format.

Engineering process component scores will be considered in conjunction with the pool course scores to identify the top teams at the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge. Oral presentations will not factor into overall scores.

Notebook Challenge and Presentation Challenge Documents

Word Engineering Notebook Cover Template (MS Word .docx format) 

RTF Engineering Notebook Cover template (Rich Text Format .rtf)

PDF file 2019 Engineering Notebook Guide

PDF file 2019 Engineering Process Rubric

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