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There are an incredible number of real-world applications for SeaPerches and other underwater ROVs. This area of our website is part of a new initiative to engage our incredible SeaPerch community around projects and research endeavors in your communities to utilize SeaPerch in the real world. We will pose broad projects here and invite you to engage in research to develop solutions to the scenarios. There is no one “right” solution and the parameters are intentionally broad – use your imagination and evolving engineering prowess to come up with your unique approach.

SeaPerch in the Wild

The three projects described below will be included as optional components for our 2019 SeaPerch Challenge. Check them out and start researching what modifications you could make to your SeaPerch to successful complete the projects.

2020 SeaPerch Challenge Projects

The 2020 Waterway Cleanup Projects will be released mid-September! 

2019 SeaPerch Challenge Projects

Each of the following projects connects to the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge Mission Course. Teams who are invited to participated in the 2019 Challenge will have the opportunity to share their research and prototypes at the event. But don't worry if you can't join us, we'll be providing opportunities for virtual sharing of research concepts as well. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months!

1. Underwater Clean-up Project:

Some of the world's largest trash deposits exist in our oceans and waterways. This waste can find its way into underwater caves and be difficult to remove. For this project, imagine that you are exploring a cave deep underwater and discover trash that cannot simply be lifted with a stock SeaPerch. 

Project Goal: Develop a robotic gripper or other remotely controllable addition that will allow your SeaPerch to pick up underwater trash.

2. Environmental Sensing Project:

Data collected from the water around us can provide us with an important understanding of current environmental factors and also provide insight for changes in the environment. For this project, imagine that you are trying to collect data related to an underwater cave environment that is inaccessible by a human diver. For the purposes of this project, the specific data you are interested in collecting is up to you.

Project Goal: Develop a water collection device (for future analysis) or sensor pack (for real-time data collection) that can be added to your SeaPerch.

3. Amphibious SeaPerch Project:

On the edges of bodies of water, there are coastal environments that can be difficult to navigate or explore by water or land. In cave environments, like the one described for the 2019 SeaPerch Mission Challenge, there are portions of the cave that vary in water depth and that turn to dry ground. For this project, imagine that you are trying to navigate this environment and want to explore an area of the cave that varies in depth from a few feet to only a few inches of water. 

Project Goal: Develop a modification that will allow your SeaPerch to navigate shallow water and exit, or partially exit the water.

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