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  • depth of challenge
    Posted by Ronda Seay at 2018-01-29 16:59:16
    Last year our students ran into buoyancy trouble because the national challenge was held at a depth of 14 feet or so versus the 5 foot depth of our regional competition. How deep of water will this year's challenge be held? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- as stated, ~6
  • Cubes
    Posted by Brian Soash at 2018-01-17 14:15:50
    Is there by any chance to information as to what the overall mass of these cubes can be with the material inside of them? We're trying to get our cubes just right so students can get them off the platform and hopefully be spot on for nationals in terms of preparation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE-the precise material specs have been given.
  • Using 3D constructed parts
    Posted by Ginger Littleton at 2018-01-17 14:15:01
    One competitor in our region has replaced PVC with 3D-generated materials. She is aware of the $20 limit and needs to know if Perch is weighed with the 3D materials only to determine cost, or if Perch must be weighed with motors. Her other question is that if only the materials are calculated for the $20 limit, how should she verify the actual weight so that judges can accept that? She has assumed that 3D materials are acceptable but fall under the $20 modification limit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- as in stock class blog: the new value is 2.3 cents per gram to reflect the drop in material prices. ensure your notebooks document the weights of utilized prints, 3d printing software approximations are acceptable. (pictures of scales with used parts is also acceptable)
  • Operating the Seaperch
    Posted by Luke Summers at 2017-05-16 09:00:54
    Are we allowed to hand off the controller to another member of the team during the competition? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- yes
  • Posted by Gareth Bodle at 2017-04-18 08:58:02
    The US rules provide for only 2 team members on the pool deck during the competition. In NZ it was 3 and we have 3 boys. Is it possible to “sub” in the course of the competition like a soccer game?. I am thinking particularly the puzzle platform component as all 3 boys have contributed to different parts of the technology and competition plan for this part and it would be cool if all 3 could take turns being a part of it (and of course it is a long way to travel just to watch!). It also means boy gets a go in each discipline and the others only in one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- Each Team will get two deck passes to access the competition area. One student may leave hand off the pass and another may enter with the pass.
  • Number of Students On a Team
    Posted by Karen Runyon at 2017-04-11 10:10:05
    Our teams have 3 and 4 members respectively. The rules state only 2 may be on the deck at a time. Will each team member be afforded the opportunity to compete in each event? If so, does each team member get the 15 minute time limit? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- each team gets one time slot.
  • Entrance to the Award Ceremony
    Posted by Aymette Medina at 2017-03-21 09:07:08
    Hi everyone, I know entrance for the Competition is free. Relatives are asking if the entrance for the Award Ceremony is free too or if they have to pay for it. Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- there are no fees for the ceremony
  • Competition dress code
    Posted by Rick Celeita at 2017-01-23 16:05:49
    Hi all, is there a specific dress code for female competitors? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- there is no specified dress codes.
  • Team Name
    Posted by Ethan Wilson at 2017-01-09 12:34:48
    Are there any restrictions to what our team name has to be? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- There are no requirements.
  • Motor compliance
    Posted by Jeff Oteri at 2016-04-27 09:05:35
    During compliance check, are the rpms of the motors measured? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- we have a device that measures RPM, frequency, and resistance. This allows us to identify any non stock motor without disassembly.
  • Flying with Batteries
    Posted by Perry Weinthal at 2014-04-27 23:59:05
    HINT: Be sure to COVER the terminals with electrical tape! And pad them well. Verify with the airlines the rules well ahead of time. You might want to ship them ahead of time (see the above address), And don't forget to bring your charger. Last year there were not many plugs around for charging, so charge them before your leave the room.
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