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discussion here is for stock class vehicles only.

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  • Swapping out tether
    Posted by Tara Hicks Johnson at 2018-02-20 16:22:38
    One team wants to swap out the tether to the same spec version but a super flat version. Does this count towards the $20 modification cost or is this considered equivalent to a SeaPerch kit? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- it counts to the $20 cost
  • Rod Design
    Posted by Damiane Gardner at 2018-01-30 18:13:22
    Similar to the cube, can we get instructions on constructing the ring and rod? Location of drilled holes in rod for rope, and application of the flanged nut? How to attach the rope inside the copper pipe, is this crimped? Also, regarding the material for the rod, 1/2" schedule 80 polypropylene pipe. Most parts listed are regular items you can pick up at a local hardware store or Walmart. The build is centered around 1/2" pvc, what's the reason for using such a unique lab pipe for the rods? May you consult with your team to determine if they can evaluate using regular schedule 40 pvc for this object? Weight difference between sch 40 and sch 80 can be met by adding weights, or increasing the length of the rod if sch 40 pvc is used. Other disadvantage: 1/2" pvc sch 40 - 10' length ~$2 available at any hardware store 1/2" poly pipe sch 80 - 10' length over $20 plus shipping (though the obstacle requires less than 3', the minimum quantity sold is 10') ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- PVC is different than Poly. That is what international is going to be, do what you would like for your own needs
  • Motor no longer produced by Jameco?
    Posted by Tara Hicks Johnson at 2018-01-22 09:48:53
    We tried to order some motors ( Jameco part #232022 per the National SeaPerch parts list and competition rules) and was told by Jameco that this motor is no longer being made. They provided a list of substitutes, Jameco 232040 and Jameco 2167592. We wanted to see if you have a recommendation on how to proceed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- the part listed as 232022 is still acceptable,
  • 3D Printed parts/frames
    Posted by Morgan Sansbury at 2018-01-17 14:14:25
    As long as we do not exceed 400g of 3D printed materials, are we required to make a frame out of the PVC? Is it allowable to have an entirely 3D printed SeaPerch? (If yes, how to we prove it is less than 400g? Do we take a picture of it on the scale?) Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- the new value is 2.3 cents per gram to reflect the drop in material prices. ensure your notebooks document the weights of utilized prints, 3d printing software approximations are acceptable. (pictures of scales with used parts is also acceptable)
  • Sea Perch Size
    Posted by Dan Hicks at 2018-01-02 14:10:28
    We noticed that for the stock Sea Perch, both 1/2" and 3/4" PVC were used for vehicle construction during competition. The 1/2" PVC designs seemed to perform best at the deeper water levels. If 1/2" PVC performs better, why do the kits not come with 1/2" PVC vs 3/4"? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- the kits are an educational tool and utilize common and easy to find, and work with materials. The kits are stocked with 1/2" PVC pipe. Students are encouraged to try different material and configurations. This is all part of the engineering process that we are trying to foster within the SeaPerch community. Nationals is a competition that allows the use of vehicles created by this process.
  • Do Equivalent Seaperch parts count against the $20
    Posted by Michael Phillips at 2017-12-14 09:45:43
    If I don't purchase the Seaperch kit, and instead purchase 1/2" colored PVC, does that count as substitute or will the cost count against the $20? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- that would be a acceptable substitute
  • Posted by Gareth Bodle at 2017-04-18 09:01:49
    Can you confirm that that is $20USD. We have bought components from the both the US and China. NZD$1 is about USD$0.77. So a motor costing a US student say $4.00 it costs our boys about $5.00 if converted to $NZD so we are at a disadvantage if we price our budget in $NZD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- $US equivalent
  • Posted by Gareth Bodle at 2017-04-18 09:01:01
    The budget also says reasonable spare parts is not included? Does this mean spares will be inspected and assessed? We intend to bring 2 full sets of spares so if we replace something the spare has a spare and probably the spare robot. It just seems sensible to us. Is this a problem? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- only one vehicle can be processed thru compliance. Spares are not quanitized but are subject to inspection if utilized,
  • Posted by Gareth Bodle at 2017-03-21 09:09:36
    The stock class rules state: "The $20 limit is for cost of the materials utilized on the final competition vehicle" Can you please clarify: The final competition vehicle is all materials of the chassis/frame and all materials and components attached to it comprising the vehicle in the water. The $20 limit includes or excludes changes or modifications made to the control box outside the pool in the operators hands? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- the cost is the entire vehicle including controller, tether and anything else brought to the poolside.
    Posted by William Bach at 2017-03-21 09:07:38
    The rules do not discuss the cable. Our class stripped out the brown (4th unused wire) and the plastic cable coating to save weight. Any issue with that? Thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- that is alowable
  • motors
    Posted by Justin Hetwiler at 2017-01-31 17:47:08
    Are we allowed to rewind the stock motors? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE - No.
  • Stock Class Sea Perch Frame
    Posted by Ty Adair at 2016-12-20 16:15:31
    I am a new Sea Perch mentor and one of my students asked me if CPVC or PEX pipe could be used in the frame of a stock class Sea Perch (assuming total cost of non-kit materials was less than $20.00). We have both looked in the rules and cannot find anything preventing these materials. Since Sea Perch encourages students to "think outside the box" it seems creative but I don't want my students to violate rules. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE-- Materials not found in the standard kit can be used for any function (excluding motors.) Stock PVC pipe does not need to be utilized. The $20 limit governs the amount of materials that can be used. Unused stock materials CAN NOT be credited against the budget.
  • How will they know?
    Posted by Chris Hansen at 2014-03-31 17:37:48
    How will the judges know if we swap out our motors for better ones? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE-- we will know.... Each motor has numerous characteristics that can be measured. The cheat buster 2000 motor tester can identify stock motors instantly. We have crazy smart people with PhDs here at HQ.
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