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2015 National Challenge

Call to Action

For Qualifying Competition Coordinators

The SeaPerch National Committee would like to thank all of its Competition Coordinators for your willingness to host a Qualifying Competition (QC) for the upcoming 2015 National SeaPerch Challenge and for your time and dedication to the SeaPerch program. You are making a huge impact on middle and high school students across the nation.

The fifth National Challenge will be held on May 29-30, 2015 at the Tripp Athletic Center on the campus of the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. On December 1, 2014, Competition Coordinators will be able to notify the National Committee of their plans to host one or more QCs for the next National Challenge by following the instructions on the Qualifying Competition Checklist.

If you are a SeaPerch Competition Coordinator who hosted a Qualifying Competition last year, you will receive a Qualifying Competition Checklist from the National Committee. You must follow the instructions on the checklist to reserve slots at Nationals for the winners of your competition.

If this is your first year hosting a SeaPerch Qualifying Competition, please contact Cheryl Hedeen at chedeen@seaperch.org to receive a copy of the checklist and register your competition.

We look forward to the filing of your Qualifying Competitions, and we wish to acknowledge again your valuable contribution to making SeaPerch such a valuable investment in our nation’s future.

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What's New

NewsSeaPerch News
    SeaPerch Goes to Bahrain
    2015-02-19 -

    Wayne Pavalko, ONR Science Advisor to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, demonstrates the Seaperch ROV to Bahraini students at the U.S. Naval Base in Bahrain.  Bahraini students toured the base to learn about technologies used by the navy.


    2015 Sea-Air-Space Naval STEM Exposition
    2015-02-19 -

    The Navy League STEM Institute is proud to host its first Naval STEM Exposition, to be showcased at the 2015 Sea-Air-Space.


    RoboNation TV Casting Call
    2015-02-11 -

    Are you someone who's always in the know with the latest trends and advances? Does your top five reading list include WIRED, Popular Science, or Technology Review? Are you interested in being a part of this year's coolest robotics show?  If so, then we want to hear from you!


    SeaPerch Undersea Robotics Derby at New Bedford High School
    2015-02-02 -

    Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) and Undersea Science and Engineering Foundation (USEF) cosponsor 5th annual SeaPerch Undersea Robotics Derby at New Bedford High School.


    Take this Motor and Tape It!
    2014-11-21 -

    I know, just when you thought there was no way to make SeaPerch any easier to build; We did it again!  For years we have been  suffering with small pieces of tape trying to get the perfect tape job on the motors.  That whole time thinking there HAS to be a better way.  Well we did it!  we have tested it through two generations of prototypes and a full production run and now PRE-CUT TAPE is here.  It is in kits NOW!  This change will be in the next revision of the build manual.  Until the new manual is edited and published, here is the one sheet instructions on how to use them. CutTape.pdf


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