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  • Scoring
    Posted by Matthew Stockunas at 2017-11-20 08:53:20
    When is the Score locked in? Video says one thing and the rubric says another? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- Point scoring will be tallied upon completion. Points scored and knocked off are not counted. The video only stated that the scoring can not be done when the vehicle is still at the platform, ie holding a part in scoring position.
  • ROV Start
    Posted by Matthew Stockunas at 2017-05-16 09:03:10
    The ROV now starts surfaced and against the wall according to the video for both the Challenge and Obstacle Course. This is a change from the the posted Rubric where it states the ROV only need to be touching the wall. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- 2013 rules removed and new Brief loaded.
  • when do we call time
    Posted by margaret spigner at 2017-05-16 09:02:34
    do we call time when we hit the wall or do we have too surface at the end of the challenge? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- surfacing is required.
  • Challenge Construction
    Posted by Thor Himley at 2017-05-09 07:52:28
    Are the Zig-Zag 'arms' glued so they cannot be dislodged or moved up and down? I saw a regional competition where the arms could be moved up and down by an ROV and some actually fell off during the competition. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- they are secured.
  • Cubes
    Posted by Maureen Barrett at 2017-05-09 07:52:04
    At regionals, the cubes easily drifted away when picked up and were almost neutrally buoyant. All the pipes of the cubes had foam in them. The build directions on the SeaPerch website still state the backer foam (5/8 in. polyurethane caulk saver) should only be in the top four pieces. Is that still the case? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- Build directions stand.
  • Challenge
    Posted by margaret spigner at 2017-04-18 09:04:24
    How far away from the pool edge is the platform? How far away from the pool edge is the wall? How deep is the pool? Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- the origin will be at 5' and the base at 10' from the wall. This may change due to pool glare issue. The pool depth is 10'
  • Points example
    Posted by Matthew Stockunas at 2017-04-11 10:13:29
    Looking at the Rubric you can earn 32 points if you have all the ropes back on the zigzags and have the blocks hanging on the Zigzags, but it also shows 2 point per block on the peg? 38pts total? Points Posted by Matthew Stockunas at 2017-02-27 11:58:37 What is the Total points possible? 38? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- 32
  • Challenge Course Depth
    Posted by Michael Dietz at 2017-04-11 10:12:14
    What will the depth of water be for the challenge course? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- 10'
  • Apparatus weight
    Posted by Jeff Oteri at 2017-03-21 09:13:49
    Will the zig-zag apparatus be weighted down on the pool bottom? Our vehicle has knocked over the apparatus when placing the rings on the zigs. If this happens in the competition, what will be the protocol? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE-the course will be weighted down. if the course is knocked down, the team can accept a penalty to have a diver reset it.
  • adjusting probe during challenge
    Posted by Harvey Bonser at 2017-03-21 09:12:08
    I believe that this has been asked and answered but just to clarify. Can the probe for picking up the cubes be adjusted during the competition and if so within what parameters? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- pivoted is ok. removed is not
  • Weighing challenge down
    Posted by Gregory Kane at 2017-03-21 09:11:23
    Is the challenge weighed down to keep from moving when hit by ROV? Is yes will it be with rebar ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- yes rebar is used
  • Cubes..water log?
    Posted by Bronwyn Korchnak at 2017-03-21 09:10:52
    My students are questioning if the backer foam can get water logged and effect the weight of the cubes. I don't think so but thought I would check for other thoughts on this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- this has not been a issue.
  • Points
    Posted by Matthew Stockunas at 2017-02-27 11:58:37
    What is the Total points possible? 38? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- 32
  • Rings
    Posted by D'Angelo Cain at 2017-02-27 08:25:55
    I understand that the rings are made of rope and connected with copper rings. Is the rope buoyant? More importantly, will the rings always be upright on the bottom of the pool, even if moved and dropped? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- they are designed to stand up.
  • Backer Foam?
    Posted by Will Walker at 2017-02-27 08:25:13
    Is that the actual name of the material? And where can it be purchased from? Is it pretty much the same as inserting pieces of pool noodle? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- Frost King 5/8 in. x 20 ft. Polyurethane Caulk Saver
  • Rubric correction?
    Posted by Will Walker at 2017-02-27 08:22:59
    In the area on rubric "Quantity on Spike", it shows the rings and cubes are worth 1 pt. However, in the written rules it states this is worth 2 pts? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- fixed
  • Scoring
    Posted by Van Lam at 2017-02-27 08:22:34
    When does the ring or cube get scored? At the end of 15 minutes or when the ROV reaches the wall? What if the cube are hung but drops when another cube is getting put on the other arm or the fact that a ring may have moved into a different position as a result of the stand being hit by the ROV. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- Scoring is done upon completion of the run.
  • Puzzle Challenge Stand
    Posted by Van Lam at 2017-02-27 08:21:43
    We are noticing that the stand with the 5" leg is taller than the cube. What happens if a cube goes under the platform? We are noticing this is happening in smaller test pool with a bigger slope. Does that mean the cube is "lost"? Could team request diver assist? Would there be penalty, if so.. what are the penalty? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- Hmmmm, interesting, almost as if it was planned that way. Diver assist is not for recovering lost items, only vehicle tie-ups and malfunctions. The team can recover the cube on its own if possible.
  • Scoring
    Posted by Van Lam at 2017-02-23 12:38:15
    How is scoring done? Does team score as rings and cube are placed? For example, a ring that is put in the inner left or right zig-zags earns 5 points. If a cube is hung on the same zig-zags, the rings points double. Is the point earned immediately or it is counted up at the end? The reason for this question is that since the ROV will be hitting the platform while hanging the other rings/cube, the successfully hung cube may be knocked off. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- scoring is done after the team stops. any points knocked off are lost.
  • Cube weight
    Posted by Levi Mundy at 2017-02-23 12:37:08
    How much does the cube have to weigh? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- there is no 'required' weight
  • scoring rubric
    Posted by Bronwyn Korchnak at 2017-02-06 17:37:07
    On the scoring rubric, all three columns apply to all divisions correct? Or is the division name at the top of the column applicable to the column only?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- the division names are only for identifying the class of the competitor, they have nothing to do with scoring.
  • Posted by Chad Goldman at 2017-02-06 17:35:51
    Question on the cubes: We drilled the holes and added 4 pieces 1.5" long of 5/8" backer foam. Our perches still cannot pick them up. We are going to add to ours until they can be picked up by the Sea Perches. Our invitational is later this month and our regional 2 weeks after. If there are changes, please let us know. thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- that it the national configuration, stock perches can pick them up, if balanced correctly.
  • Hanging the cube
    Posted by Van Lam at 2017-02-06 17:34:15
    When placing the cube on the two side arm, is it a requirement for the pvc to slide through two sides of a cube (like in picture) or hanging on one side is adequate for 2x points for the rope.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- as long as they are suspended, they will be scored.
  • Rings and Cube
    Posted by Haidy Oliveira at 2017-02-06 17:33:12
    Just need clarification on "Cubes hung in the Zig-Zags double the ring points (no ring no points)" does this mean, if no ring is on the zig-zag then no points are given for attempting to place a cube on the zig-zag? So a team can't place all their rings on the posts and then try to put the cubes on the zig-zags? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- 2 X 0 = 0
  • More than one ring?
    Posted by Kevin Garner at 2017-02-06 17:31:04
    Can you place more than one ring on the same "zig-zag"? If yes, would the cube double points for each ring?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- -NO, only one ring scores per Zig-Zag (additional rings will not be scored) Cubes: Cubes hung in the Zig-Zags double the ring points (no ring no points)
  • Time to accomplish the challenge?
    Posted by Gregory Kane at 2017-01-31 17:48:19
    What will be the maximum amount of time teams will have to accomplish the challenge? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE-- 15 minutes
  • Lifting and moving cubes
    Posted by Cathy Pratt at 2017-01-17 08:36:03
    We removed the weights and drilled the eight holes in the cubes. We found that the stock robots could lift them, but not move them from the point of origin to the puzzle platform. We filled the cubes half full of packing peanuts pieces to displace some of the water weight, but allow the cubes to still sink. The stock robots can now pick up and move the cubes from the point of origin to the puzzle platform. Thought this might help other teams out there! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- thats good, its looking like 4 pieces 1.5" long of 5/8" backer foam is what nationals will be. plans will be updated soon.
  • Origin position
    Posted by Bronwyn Korchnak at 2017-01-17 08:34:38
    Is the origin position fixed? If the origin holder gets moved is this a penalty? What is the distance between origin and platform? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- there is no penalty unless you interfere with an adjacent lane. They will be between 5-10 feet apart.
  • 2017 Scoring
    Posted by Ty Adair at 2017-01-09 12:39:12
    When will the 2017 scoring rubric be available? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- it is currently being updated and will be released soon.
  • Challenge Field
    Posted by Denise Adair at 2017-01-09 12:38:28
    Regarding the center ring station - the build diagram indicates a 1.5" pvc projecting horizontally from the end of the station. The other images of the completed Challenge Field do not show this 1.5" projection. Please clarify. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- the new nub is being added to allow teams to hang cubes from the center.
  • Cube weight issue--take out the ballast?
    Posted by Brian Zawodniak at 2016-11-29 08:26:06
    I would recommend that the cubes have the ballast removed as our stock class perches cannot lift them. But this has to be approved for all regional, state, and national contests across the board. I hope that this is the case... ~Brian Zawodniak ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE-As stated below the weight is under review. The decisions made here are for Nationals Only and may not be suitable for regional competitions. Regional competitions are not under National control. *******UPDATE there will be no weights in the cubes.******
  • cube mass?
    Posted by Chris Gordon at 2016-11-22 08:23:28
    What is the mass of a cube when fully constructed? I built one and my SeaPerch can barley move the cube yet alone lift it. I thought I followed the instructions using two 3 inch long pieces of 1/2 inch threaded rod. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE-The cubes are a design we use with an advanced SeaPerch program we run, we will test them as is, with 1/4"-20 studs, and then without any weight to determine what we will use at Nationals. I would recommend regions use a lighter configuration.
  • 2017 Challenge
    Posted by Cathy Pratt at 2016-11-07 13:27:43
    What is the gray material that is the flat surfaces of the point of origin and puzzle platform? Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- Bill of Materials added.
  • Rings and Cubes on Origin Point Holder
    Posted by Haidy Oliveira at 2016-11-07 13:27:18
    Wondering how the rings and cubes stay in the origin point holder, since it states the rings are only 8 grams ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- this should be adequate for them to sit down. The rings have been used successfully in the past.
  • 2017 National Challenge
    Posted by Cathy Pratt at 2016-10-17 08:17:08
    I asked a question about putting the cube on the center arm and not fitting around the elbow and got a an unhelpful, snarky answer. It is fine to put the plans and images of the apparatus on the website and tell us we can build it for use in our regional competitions, but without being told what we are supposed to do with the pieces/the task, it is not very helpful. That is why I asked about the cube not fitting over the elbow. So, what are we supposed to do with the cubes and rope rings? We are supposing from its design that you are supposed to place a cube on each arm and then remove the rope ring. Seems logical since there are are three arms, three rings, and three cubes. You must have had some idea of the task when the apparatus was designed. It is very frustrating to ask a serious question about the task and get an unhelpful, flippant answer. Can you please describe the task for the challenge so we can use it in our regional competition? We host the regional competition for North Carolina. Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE- full plans for the remaining pieces and a proposed layout will be up soon. Final layout for nationals will be posted when nationals is finalized. I will not publish ways for students to overcome the physics of this years challenge. Some things may just not be possible, others may require out of the box thinking.
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