2016 Team Entry Rules


Team Entry Rules

The 2016 National SeaPerch Challenge will be held in Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, in the LSU Maddox Fieldhouse and LSU Natatorium.  Over 150 teams are expected to compete in a juried poster competition and in-pool technical events with their SeaPerch ROVs. Students will once again enjoy a “college experience,” as accommodations and meals will be available for all participants on the university’s campus.

Number of Competing Teams

Number of Qualifying Teams

Up to and including 40 teams

Two (2)

41-80 teams

Four (4)

81 teams +

Six (6)


On November 2, 2015, Competition Coordinators shall declare their “Intent to Participate” by listing their competitions and the expected number of teams for each on the SeaPerch website calendar.

Upon completion of the qualifying competition, Competition Coordinators shall complete and forward the “Qualifying Competition Results Form.” This Form must be submitted to the National Committee within 5 business days in order to allow teams to be notified as to how to register for nationals.


Established SeaPerch Qualifying Competition

An Established Competition is defined as having a total of 20 or more active middle and high school programs for which the Region has organized and held at least one competition within the 2015-16 timeframe. Documentation of these competitions must be posted on the SeaPerch website calendar.

Forming SeaPerch Qualifying Competition

A Forming Competition is defined as having a total of 20 or more developing middle and high school-level in-school, after school and out-of-school SeaPerch programs. The Forming Region must demonstrate that it has made plans to organize and hold a competition sometime during the 2015-16 timeframe. Documentation of that competition must be posted on the SeaPerch website calendar.

Competition Coordinator

A Competition Coordinator is experienced in the SeaPerch program and is the point of contact for the Existing or Forming Qualifying Competition. The Coordinators will be responsible for providing the names and contact information of the winning teams at their qualifying competition, and by following up to ensure that those winning teams have registered for the National Challenge on a timely basis prior to the April 25, 2015 deadline.

Unaffiliated Team Entries

Unaffiliated Teams, generally single team entries, may consist of in-school students, after school clubs, and out-of-school groups such as 4H, Boy and Girl Scouts, charter and home-schooled students, who are not part of an Existing or Forming Competition.

Middle School

Middle School is defined as less than and including eighth (8th) grade.

High School

High School is defined as ninth through twelfth (9th-12th) grades.

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